to live a life of passion...

Hi I'm Kelsey Jones. I welcome you to call me Kels.

I'm an Interior Designer based in Seattle, WA. Since I was young I constantly noticed details in my environment; textiles, lighting, the layout of a space, and when I realized there was a career that was about building and cultivating such environments I knew I found my calling.

I love to travel, I caught the wanderlust bug in 2012 after traveling through England for 5 weeks and have yet to recover. In truth I never want to! Ever since, I have made it a necessity to visit new places, whether they be within an hour's drive or an 8 hour flight. There is and always will be so much to see and learn in this world.

I want to live a life driven by passion and I strive to do so every day. There are challenges galore, but there is also hope, excitement, and success to be experienced. And to be shared.

Welcome and warm wishes.