Artist Advocacy

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these creatives. They are powerful people who have inspired me greatly and with each interaction I grow more confident in the belief that we are all creatives. it does not matter what title we hold, we are creatives because we design our lives, cultivate things greater than ourselves, continually connect, and proclaim in our unique way, that a life well lived is accessible to all. these people are a testament to that truth.

artist advocacy



You will be swept away by the magic of Byland. Swept to the desert, swept into reverie, swept into the reflective and powerful nature of their music. Alie's voice carries a deep honesty and sense of purpose, her heart in the folds of the communities she and Jake have cultivated. a gift their community is more than happy to return.

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Judy Hessler

She is a soulful artist with a beautiful mindset, and a powerful touch that brings life from a blank canvas. Art has been an exploration that she has gripped boldly with two hands. An artist of different worlds, interior designer by day, painter by night (+ weekends), Judy seeks to create in the individuality of each field, and when the brush is in hand; no expectation, no barriers, only an openness to let the creativity flourish, and to great result. Her mixed media forms itself by the guidance of a deeper spiritual space then solidified with her talent. It evokes something powerful, something that creates clarity and introspection, something that holds more than one definition. Something I want you to see and know about.

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