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Travel is intrinsic to how we connect.

I had fallen in love with the possibility of travel from a young age, inspired by the adventures of those around me, their courage was the original impetus to my own journeys. There is so much to an adventure; the planning, the embark and it's experiences, connections, and sincere magic. So powerful and lasting. Travel has no one name, no one style, it is the expression of wanderlust individuals creating bridges in a world more connected than ever before.


24 hrs to find lewis in oxford | england

I read C.S. Lewis' novel, The Screwtape Letters, my Sophomore year in college. A story about a young demon whose task is to sway a human away from God, his uncle, Screwtape, sends him these letters to provide guidance and critique. It's a clever writing method; Screwtape's hateful comments against God create an initial impression that God and the Christian faith is wrong and disillusioned, but Lewis subtly tells lessons of truth, hidden in the opposite.

I digress already, but my point is I am a big C.S. Lewis fan. I've read the Chronicles of Narnia and I have many of his other works to read. 

I have always admired his life for its service and relentless faith, so on my return to England I made it a point to visit the city he called home, and received the greatest education from a slightly unexpected place. My Airbnb.

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my love for the naam | seattle

I first came across the Northwest African American Museum on February 21st, on my way to attend the Woman's march, which ran from Rainier Valley to downtown Seattle. It was a beautiful day. Signs with powerful slogans bobbed along in people's hands, many of whom wore pink "pussy" hats, ready to march from Judkins park.

As I passed by the Neoclassic brick building, I had a sobering moment when I realized there was so much more to know about the experiences of African Americans in the northwest. And an extension of that, recognize the influences that African Americans have had in every sphere of society, whether it be art, politics, science. There is an incredibly rich history of black pioneers, activists, and artists that made great impressions on the northwest and nationally. The museum tells every story beautifully. 

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the tape: finding my mom in new york city | new york

Preparations for my Mom's funeral were overwhelming. I was driven by productivity, checking off the list of to-dos to keep some semblance of control in what otherwise felt like chaos. Through all the planning and organizing was a surprising discovery that lit my spirit a little.

My Mom was a professional modern dancer for the Bill Evans Dance Company in the late 1970's through the 80's. For 10 years she performed locally in Seattle and around the U.S. with many of the performances recorded. My Mom talked about her experiences as a dancer and I always wished I could have witnessed it, but she stopped dancing when I was young to focus on raising me and my brother. Now amid the strangest kind of turmoil I had ever experienced, I discovered an archive of her dance life, 3,000 miles away.

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what to find when you've got three hours top in bruges | belgium

I moved my train time to London so I could see Bruges. Moved it by about 4 hours so I could take the 45 minute train from Brussels and give myself at least two hours to meet the streets of a most charming city. If you read my last travel post on my Europe trip, you'll know I am in love with Haarlem, and could see myself living there. Well, if there was another city to pull rank, it'd be Bruges. Walking the streets of Haarlem, I had told myself I was cheating on Seattle...walking the streets of Bruges I wrote down I think I'm cheating on Haarlem. Maybe my heart is more of a nomad than I thought.

Months prior to departure, I was sharing my rough itinerary with my co-worker Victoria, and when I mentioned Belgium was on my list, she encouraged I visit Bruges. She had a great experience visiting the city, and that impression has stuck with her, years later. As she described the subtle wonderment to me, I trusted she was not exaggerating.

She wasn't.

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kelsey & louise : solo road trip part i | boise

Louise is my Toyota Corolla. 2 years old, named so after my Mom's middle name, she has been a great car. We haven't been on many long adventures together apart from a weekend excursion to Bellingham (about 3 hours north of Seattle) and trips to visit family a little further north and south all within an hour of me. Truly just the day to day of work and life and, though not as exciting, the day to day is still pretty great.

As far as road trips go, I only have one under my belt. It was an awesome trip to San Francisco done with my friend Nicole. We made our way along Highway 101, loving every inch of coast and beautiful landscape in our view.

From that excursion I discovered one road trip isn't enough and the month of October allowed a couple great reasons to make a journey.


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