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When Women Were Birds | Terry Tempest Williams

“Women with death-eyes are fearless”

A story about a woman whose late Mother bequeathed her 42 empty journals after dying from breast cancer, is poetic and insightful. Central to the narrative is her journey to understand and find the meaning of voice, owning one’s voice, especially for women, whose expressions are unique within the structures of society often bent to curb them from being heard too loudly. I felt empowered and also intimidated by Temptest Williams’ words. Empowered because I was reminded of the power of voice, reflecting on my own narrative arch in coming into my own, but also intimidated by the perceived reality that I am not fearless though I have death-eyes. This rich life she lives, connected to the earth, acting on the strong impulse to save it not just by fervent thoughts, but by tangible action. In other words , birds are metaphor and reality simultaneously. I just love that.

I need an entire post for this book, I think.

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