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A Man Named Pearl

I want to meet Pearl Fryer. “A Man Named Pearl” is a documentary that highlights the most humble artist, who in arguably all hours of the day (and night), takes discarded plants and nurtures, grows, and shapes them into unique sculptures. There is something deeply serene about Mr. Fryer, the baritone of his voice makes every wise thing he says that has much more commanding.

“Love…is what it’s all about. I wanted to create a message as well as a garden.”

Listening to the visitors within the documentary, that is exactly what he’s done. They described the experience as spiritual, they could sense that what Pearl has created has origins in a deeper place, and the effects are breathtaking. The film delved into his work and that of the community around him. His strength and commitment is admirable. And the investment into his garden is not just for his own desire, but because there are so many opportunities in it to help others. Through his garden, he’s been involved in community projects, teaching, uplifting the well-being of Bishopville, giving tours specifically to youth, and just drawing visitors from all over the world to see first hand topographical creativity.

One day I will visit Pearl Fryer’s Topiary Garden, and glean something magical from the experience. I know I will.

[Book of Delights pg.123 | No. 41 Among the Rewards of My Sloth]

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