Artistic Expressions

let me tell you about...

design. it is intrinsic to how we manifest.

from a young age, interior design has had my heart, and has yet to let go. our environment is everything to the quality of our lives, I truly believe that. but interiors are just one avenue to a holistic life. there is the introspective study, the personal development comprised of joys and griefs and attempted balance. this page is an exploration of all the roads a creative can take and the massive inspiration that comes from life's art.


artistic expressions


Photo Journal | Evening Walk on Alki

Alki beach is on the further most tip of the peninsula of West Seattle. A prime destination for visitors and locals alike, its laid back atmosphere is complimented perfectly by the breath-taking views and variety of eats. Near Alki Beach Point is where you'll find volleyball nets and several spots for bonfires available and a myriad of people mingling, riding, jogging, and skating. It is an awesome environment to be in. As far as the eats go, personal favorites are Marination and Homefront Smoothies & Ice Cream. Also forgot that Blue Moon Burgers has a location here. Oh no. 

The settlers arrived in 1851. 

You can learn more about Alki's history here

More on Alki to come soon! 

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