Artistic Expressions


artistic expressions

Design is intrinsic to how we manifest.

from a young age, interior design has had my heart, and has yet to let go. our environment is everything to the quality of our lives, I truly believe that. but interiors are just one avenue to a holistic life. there is the introspective study, the personal development comprised of joys and griefs and attempted balance. this page is an exploration of all the roads a creative can take and the massive inspiration that comes from life's art.


mood board: truffle me happy chocolate shop | design concept

Of the many dreams I dream, I often dream of the chocolate shop. About 4 years ago, I became passionately involved with chocolate in the form of truffles. A dark chocolate sea salt truffle experiment for my sister in law turned into a new love that led to a colorful Pinterest board and hours with the double burner. There's an art to it and it's so fun to test different flavors. Bring in some whiskey, peppermint, lavender, peanut butter (arguably, not together) and the confections start to abound.

So my love of chocolate gave way to the dream of creating a truffle chocolate shop and then my love of design gave way to creating the space to feature such humble decadence. I took inspiration from other confection shops and also imagined the kind of environment fitting for enjoying chocolate. A place that was comfortable and cozy, textures and finishes that were collectively calming, but pops of color and vibrant prints to stimulate the senses. The name, pulled from the phrase 'color me happy' suggests bright and bold, with the ultimate goal of creating a space for the joy of sharing and appreciating the edible art that is truffles.

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beautiful metal boxes of seattle | community art

I noticed the first one in my neck of the woods, West Seattle, at the intersection of SW Alaska and Fauntleroy Way SW. The mysterious cube of metal was painted with bold orange and blue circles. Stark against a solid turquoise background, they broke above the strokes of a mountain cascade. The design reminiscent of a Japanese painting. I felt a little strange walking around this box, otherwise a mundane structure that, as far as I could tell, no one else seemed as taken by.

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for the love of byland | home tour

Entering the Byland home is something akin to discovering a small secret oasis. In the richly green neighborhood of Ravenna, a narrow staircase leads to the attic of a single family home, and in an instant you are met with impressionable charm. 

The 750 sq ft space is a breath of fresh air wistfully rooted by antique and mid-century furniture. I was taken by it the moment I reached the crest of the stairs. It is a long linear space with a galley kitchen and two bedrooms, one of which is converted into a living room to create more communal areas for friends and family. 

The warm white walls and thick molding, quintessential of the common Seattle craftsman, is made unique by the Byland touch.

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brewing barcelona | interior study

I had the amazing opportunity to visit Barcelona a couple months ago with my family. It was my first time in Spain and I was greatly impressed by the culture, the food, and most spectacularly, the architecture. The focus of this post is a happenstance encounter with an amazing brewery in the city. Our intended destination was one of Antonio Gaudi’s beautiful buildings, the Casa Milà, but by the chance turn of the head we were drawn in by this beautifully illuminated establishment. I wanted to take the time to talk about this brewery whose interior whisked me away into a new world. Or rather an old one.

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