Life Lessons

Life lessons

Lessons are intrinsic to how we grow.


life is made up of a lot of questions, challenges, triumphs and pursuits. we glean value from the awareness of our strength and the humble beauty of our failures. sometimes i think i have it figured out and then a new lesson comes. i do not use the word lesson to suggest there must be success. rather it is the necessary process and aspect of life in which we can grow and discover. also i have a weakness for alliteration.



live life loving lessons.

i am not a junior mint | introspection

I consider myself fortunate to have gone through school without much peer ridicule, I weaved through those years in what I like to think of as safe social anonymity. In other words, I wasn't particularly popularity, but I was generally well-liked and had a small solid group of friends. But even in a generally supportive and kind environment there are a few moments that have stuck with me, seemingly innocent comments that were proverbial and left me unsettled. Not enough to make a big deal out of it, but enough to make me question myself.

That heavy question...who am I?

Well, first off, I'm not a junior mint.

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giving up the guilt | introspection

I was prepared to take care of her for as long as she needed me. In whatever capacity or form I would do all I could to provide. Up until that point she was the center of my life, the part of which I often made adjustments for. And it was not obligatory, she never made me feel guilty for wanting to spend my time with friends or pursue my goals, she valued my life. And truly, I loved to spend time with her.

My mom, Terri.

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thank you, Audre Lorde | inspiration


This is the second post in my series 'Thank you'. Another pause in the craziness of life to show appreciation for a woman who made a great and lasting impact on the world.

Writer, poet, feminist, womanist, librarian, civil rights activist, and an overall badass, Audre Lorde was a force to be reckoned with. 

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then & now: empowerment through travel | travel introspection

"Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever experience something amazing or cool like travel to another country, but the depressing part is I'll probably never do something like that."

I came across this excerpt from a journal entry I made in 2003. Most of my life I have had images of grandeur in the form of foreign lands, planting my feet on soil I had never stood on before, and discovering the world beyond Bellevue, Washington.  But it was a fleeting idea, so much inquisitiveness with so little hope, I believed more in its unlikelihood than in its very real possibility.

I feel an honest sadness from it. It surprised me that at such a young age I deemed something so important impossible. Now at 26, I've had the greatest fortune to travel overseas, and I see travel as an essential part of my life. There is no doubt that I will travel again. I may not have all the details figured out, but I am confident there will be a next trip. It is a joy too great to let slip by.

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