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Artist Advocacy

Artist Advocacy Series. Meet the artists who breathe life into life, taking notice of what makes it beautiful, what makes it hard, what makes it worth pursuing. Creativity at it's best.


let me tell you about...

these creatives. They are powerful people who have inspired me greatly and with each interaction I grow more confident in the belief that we are all creatives. it does not matter what title we hold, we are creatives because we design our lives, cultivate things greater than ourselves, continually connect, and proclaim in our unique way, that a life well lived is accessible to all. these people are testament to that truth.



artist advocacy


eco seattle collective / zero waste shop

There is so much to living the green life and everyone can truly claim it. Eco Seattle Collective is establishing a place to do that very thing through usable, conscientious, and accessible products. come meet the founder of Seattle's first zero waste shop with the best water bottle known to existence and a calling for low impact living.

take a look.


byland / musician

You will be swept away by the magic of Byland. Swept to the desert, swept into reverie, swept into the reflective and powerful nature of their music. Alie's voice carries a deep honesty and sense of purpose, her heart in the folds of the communities she and Jake have cultivated. a gift their community is more than happy to return.

coming soon


strange king poetry / writer

I have imbibed the power of poetry from the strange king, a knowledge inspiring to all logophiles and inadverdant writers alike. she is an artist beyond the written word, too. you'll soon learn that creativity knows no limits with her.

coming soon


erin oostrel / graphic artist & painter

she escapes to the mountains as often as she can, finds inspiration in the landscape that she tracks, climbs, and traverses. you see it in the composition that moves like it's alive, it tells a narrative you want to know more about and then inspires you to tell your own. from screen to print, she is an artist. she says don't lost your fire. by her example, I never will.

coming soon


jorden heidal / graphic artist & painter

to learn her creations are self taught is beautiful evidence of her talent & artistry. the stories she writes through paints, swoops of red shades, dotted with white markings like the neurons of the nervous system, are more than pause worthy. so effectively powerful, they urge you to stay a very long while. I am incredibly inspired by her craft and the metamorphosis that she bravely molds.

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