The Beginning

It is amazing to look at the evolution of blogging. There is a beauty to people expressing themselves and sharing their experiences, the powerful impact of revealing yourself through your interests, talents, and insights. I am late to the game and I always wondered what could I offer, what could I express that would be of value to others, especially to the many beautiful blogs out there. I realized, despite my fears, that my words may be small with a small impact, but it's an impact nonetheless. Maybe my experience traveling will peak an accidental passerby's interest. They may pause and wonder at something I said and leave with an insight that they will mold anew through their own experience. If nothing else it is cathartic and fun to just share what is happening in life, in all it's glory and ugliness. Change is hard, but it is also exciting. I decided to look at this as the beginning of something good. And I hope others find something good in it too. So where is this going to go?

Once my childhood bedroom that after many years got the opportunity to turn it into a library. A dream come true.

Once my childhood bedroom that after many years got the opportunity to turn it into a library. A dream come true.

I have no idea :) I will not think too hard on that because it will make my head swim, but thankfully I know what I love and I have a curious spirit to try new things. A pretty steadfast love is interior design. I graduated with a degree in interiors and I am endeavoring to pursue it fully, now that I am in the real world trying so hard to be an adult. 

I am exploring working on projects within my sphere of connection. I have friends and family who have ideas for their homes that I want to play a part in, whether it be updating an interesting kitchen or creating a comfortable and stylized man cave, I am trying to look at my endeavors as endless. It is a learning process and one I am really excited to continue through the mistakes and challenges.

And because of my curious spirit, this site, this blog, will be a place where I will share cool discoveries, highlight interesting people and things, from travel to crafting. There is just so much awesomeness that it is worth talking about.

So welcome and I will be back soon.

Warm wishes,