To Live a Conscious Life

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My blog is 1 year and 3 months old. As the end of the year approaches, I've found myself reflecting on the interesting journey that has brought me here so far.

When I created the site I did not know what all I wanted to accomplish with a blog, what kind of message I wanted to share, how I even wanted to communicate it. It took me a long time to find the spark to approach this blog confidently and continuously.

And it happened through mindfulness.

In the beginning I dabbled in it, I let my myself fall into my usual routine and regarded the posts for another day. It wasn't until I looked at it as an extension of myself and how I wanted to live more fully that it took on a greater meaning. I recognized that the community I was entering into mattered, that my voice mattered and I wanted to contribute something significant no matter how great or small my influence was. I decided to plant myself firmly with intention.

As a result, my mind overflows with ideas, much as it did before, but now those ideas are evolving and are acted upon. I stopped looking at my blog as a whim and chose to value its character and quality as a passion.

So, mindfulness, conscious, intentional. All of these embody a lifestyle that I want to live out. I felt this shift happen after my Mom's death. The shock of that time gave way to a slow process of discovery, my awareness of the fragility of life, and at the same time, the resilience and strength of it too. How do you choose to regard life? The way I continued to live through my grief was to value each day through gratitude, appreciation, and determination. I am determined to make my dreams a reality. This blog is a small but important manifestation of that. 

You can live a conscious life too.

I do understand the challenges. We are faced with responsibilities every day. The demands on our time vary in title, but they are all consuming and sadly are not always aligned with what brings us real joy. It is my belief that there is a way to live a life of joy and a life of choice. The freedom to choose the design of your dreams whether it be traveling the world or pursuing a focus in a career. Or both! That is the essence of life, change breaking up the familiar in joyous ways we welcome and painful ways we must reconcile. In all its complication and mystery, one thing remains true to me. Life is better lived intentionally.

What does that mean to live by intention? 

It is taking notice of the environment around you, the people that you interact with. You give all your attention to your companion. You take an extra moment to notice a stranger you might otherwise (unintentionally) ignore because your attention is pulled elsewhere.

It is recognizing your own body’s needs and cultivating an appreciation for your well-being both physically, mentally, and spiritually.

It is standing by your word, when a promise is made you keep it, if you make a mistake you own it, and you challenge yourself to improve every day. Imperfections welcome.

It is a continual journey.

I have gone through long phases where I was comfortable, complacent and afraid. Comfortable in the safety of routine (which was not bringing me the joy I longed for), resigned to my current unideal habits, and fearful of change.

But there is so much in life worth experiencing and it requires fighting against those attitudes. Such a fight is often hard, extremely hard, but the result of taking action is a revitalization and a gift. A gift of freedom. I am learning and re-learning what values I want to live by, the role I want to play in my community, and the very real strength I have to achieve such a life. And it is bringing me joy and fulfillment.

My definition of freedom is to practice Interior Design in communities in need while having the resources to travel, work on my blog, and spend more time with my family & friends. It is hard to manage that with a 9-5, with such restrictions those dreams seem unattainable, but they don't have to be. I am learning tools to change my lifestyle. The things that I used to fear to a crippling point are no longer holding me back. My mindset, which used to harbor on the negative, is now more joyous. My dreams are not some far off ideal, but a progressing reality.

So with this change occurring, I decided to create a Facebook group, to share my discoveries. Its sole intention is to create community that encourages that desire and growth in living a conscious life. Information on topics like mindset, entrepreneurship, and things that elicit excitement (like travel :)) will be a main focus. I want it to be an unassuming haven for all and any who want to see change in their life.

No matter what, whether you choose to join my community or not, I really hope you will take a moment to look at the power of your own voice and how you can cultivate the life you want.

You have a voice, a story, a life that is worthy of intention. 

You can truly live a conscious life too. 

Hope to see you there.




Warm wishes,