For The Love of Byland | Home Tour

Entering the Byland home is something akin to discovering a small secret oasis. In the richly green neighborhood of Ravenna, a narrow staircase leads to the attic of a single family home, and in an instant you are met with impressionable charm. 

The 750 sq ft space is a breath of fresh air wistfully rooted by antique and mid-century furniture. I was taken by it the moment I reached the crest of the stairs. It is a long linear space with a galley kitchen and two bedrooms, one of which is converted into a living room to create more communal areas for friends and family. 

The warm white walls and thick moulding, quintessential of the common Seattle craftsman, is made unique by the Byland touch.

A distinct example is music. Both a passion and profession for Alie and Jake, you'll find music prevalent throughout their home, both in small mentions and big statements. The details are both plentiful and minimalist, the large graphic framed prints, electric guitar, and vases, tell of stories of their roots and travels that makes you feel refreshed and connected.

Here is where community, conversation, and humble french press coffee are encouraged.

I feel so fortunate to know Alie and Jake, our friendship is pretty new but sitting over breakfast in their living room felt as familiar and comfortable as though years have gone by (they even made me a birthday oatmeal bake with a lit candle!). We talked about their experience here in Seattle and how they have made a home here. It is truly a home indicative of their genuinely awesome design sense.


 How was the transition from Albuquerque to Seattle?

Well, I have to mention the rain. I loved it when I first moved here. But the long, grey, wet winters make me miss the desert sun. Also - Seattle moves at a quicker pace than Albuquerque. I feel like I’m always rushing here. I've had to teach myself to be at peace, and to find my own rhythm in a busy "get shit done" city. Upside: I get shit done now. Haha.


Have you seen your style evolve from your last apartment?

We moved from a 320 square foot tiny house in the country to a 750 square foot craftsman style small apartment in the city. Since moving to Seattle, we are drawn less to rustic style and more to mid-century modern decor. 

{The above gallery courtesy of Amanda Lewis Photography}


Do you find your music has inspired your home or vice versa?

I’m currently in the middle of recording an album about my desert days - Albuquerque, my childhood, and my dad. I've found that the more time I've spent working on this record, the more I’ve wanted to surround myself with things that remind me of home. (I tried to fly a cactus home last trip, but apparently the spikes were too dangerous!)


With a smaller space do you find it challenging to practice your craft? How do you work with that?

It has been challenging, but it has forced me to explore other genres of music that I may not have ventured to if I hadn't changed things up. I cannot wait to have an actual piano again, but now I know a lot more about electronic interfaces, sounds and midi devices. I hadn't ever played a synthesizer until I moved here, and now I love it! 

Also - I turned what was intended to be a coat closet into my mini music studio. I've had to accept the fact that music is an essential part of who we are and what we do. And I've learned to be okay with instruments and sound equipment being a predominant part of my living room. 



What is your favorite piece in the apartment?

Our Hi-Fi system that I found while thrifting! It's an authentic mid-century statement piece. In a time where access to music has been so simplified, having a record player reminds us to treat our craft with the respect it deserves. 



What's your favorite part of Seattle?

All the cute little neighborhoods with old craftsman style houses, and how close they are to everything! I love being able to walk or bike to the places I need to go. 
Also - the music scene is a big deal here. Sometimes it intimidates me, but overall, I find it inspiring knowing that lots of musicians got their start here! 



Any tips for making the most of a small space?

  • Only buy what you really like. Clutter makes a small space feel even smaller.

  • Get creative with your wall space. Hang things like backpacks, yoga mats, or bike helmets that might otherwise take up floor or closet space.

  • Go big or go home. If you get curtains, go floor to ceiling. If you get wall art, make it a statement. Better one statement piece that expresses who you are than a bunch of smaller pieces that you sort of like. Let your little home express who you are in a big way.



Alie and Jake have used their space beautifully, with intention and simplicity that makes the most of the limited space, and with no loss of character. It is the kind of home you want to take time to appreciate and to really live in, to become familiar with all of the details that whisk you to the desert dry land and relish the evergreens.

A beautiful reflection of their life.

So yeah, they're pretty cool. You can also find out more on their music at and on Facebook at Bylandofficial

And thank you Amanda for letting me use some of your beautiful photographs! You can see more of Amanda Lewis' work here.


Warm wishes,